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Yu Gi Oh Duel Links: How to Edit Your Deck


Yu Gi Oh Duel Links: How to Edit Your Deck

How to Edit Your Deck – Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

When you first start out in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, you’ll have a small and basic deck based on which character you picked in the beginning. This isn’t a big deal when you battle a few of the lower ranked NPC’s, but will be a problem as you face stronger NPC’s and people online.

You’ll want to make sure that you have bought several card packs from the shop so you have more options. Once you are happy with your purchases, head back to the main screen. You’ll notice your character on the bottom of the screen on the left-hand corner. Right in front of the character, there is a deck next to the level of that character. Tap on the deck itself. You can also get to the same option by heading to the part of the world that has the Card Studio – this will also allow you to view and edit your deck.

This will show you all the cards you currently have in your deck, and you can either tap on Edit Deck or Create Auto-Deck. The auto option will then create a deck for you, but it will be best if you edit your own deck so you know what is that you have. After choosing to edit your deck you’ll be taken to another screen which shows your deck on top and the cards not in your deck on the bottom. Scroll down the bottom section until you see a card that you want to check out and use.

Tap the card you wish to use, and take note of how many stars the card has because this will tell you the level it is, and if it needs monsters to be sacrificed before coming onto the field. Also make sure to check the card’s effects so you aren’t in for a surprise when you summon it. If you’re still okay with the card you picked, then swipe up and it will be added to your deck. If you wish to remove a card, you can either scroll for a card on the bottom or top section, tap on the card and swipe down to remove it.

Make sure you keep a balanced deck as all times, meaning not too many spells, trap or high leveled cards in your deck. For every high leveled monster in your deck you’ll want to keep about two or three low leveled cards in order to even things out. Your deck has to have 20 to 30 cards in order for it to work, so make sure you are paying attention to how many cards you are adding.

Now that you know how to edit your deck in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links, you can be on your way to becoming the best duelist.

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