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Yakuza 0: How to Get the Merchant Password (Password Protect)


Yakuza 0: How to Get the Merchant Password (Password Protect)

Where to get the merchant password.

Merchant Password for Password Protect – Yakuza 0

here are substories, that act as side missions, dotted throughout Yakuza 0’s map. Most of them are simple and involve things such as fetching items or speaking to particular people. However, some have tricky elements and if you miss something you will be unable to finish the quest.

Substory 8, titled Password Protected, is just one of those tricky ones. During chapter five, you will be prompted to speak to a merchant that requires a password to continue speaking to you. Head to the objective marker given on your mini-map and speak with Monmon there. You need to ask her plans for that day and for tomorrow’s weather information. She will say that her plans are a movie date, today, and that tomorrow’s weather is rain at noon. Head back to Li Leung and offer the information that Monmon gave you.

When he returns, you get a broken M1985 and the password. The password will be “Subotenuhigeukiro” and you have to enter it exactly as it is written. Since it is said in Japanese you will need to take the translation from the subtitles. The easiest way to remember it is to take a screenshot with your PlayStation 4’s share function. You must enter the password correctly, including the capital S.

Once you have done so, the substory will be complete. You can also see our Yakuza 0 review here.

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