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All Xbox One Exclusives Releasing in 2017


All Xbox One Exclusives Releasing in 2017

A quick roundup.

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Xbox One Exclusive Games Releasing Q1 & Q2

Halo Wars 21

The Xbox One kicks off 2017 with a few smaller exclusive titles, as well as some hotly anticipated ones. Halo fans, especially, will be ready for the release of Halo Wars 2. The sequel to the 360 RTS title will put players in control of a crew on board the Spirit of Fire as they fend off a new threat to humanity. It’s worth noting too that Creative Assembly, the team behind the excellent Total War series, is working alongside Microsoft Studios for this one, so you can expect a little more depth than the first time around.

Elsewhere, fans of 2012’s indie darling, Gone Home, will be pleased to hear that developer Fullbright’s next game is releasing in the earlier months of 2017. Due for a Q1/Q2 release date, Tacoma is a narrative-driven experience that takes place on a Lunar Transfer Station 200,000 miles from Earth. Fullbright hasn’t said much else about Tacoma, so we don’t know what kind of experience to expect. Though, that might be considered a positive.

The other notable Xbox One exclusive in the opening months of 2017 is the long-awaited Cuphead. Players will embark on a “boss gauntlet” style adventure as they duke it out with formidable, though beautifully-stylized enemies. The game still doesn’t have a set release date just yet outside of a vague Q2/ Q3 window, but fingers crossed it won’t see another delay further into 2017.

You can check out the full release schedule below of Xbox One Exclusives coming in the first half of 2017.

  • Rise & Shine – Jan. 12
  • Halo Wars 2 – Feb. 21
  • Everspace – Q1
  • The Wild Eight – Q1
  • Verdun – Q1
  • Tacoma – Q1/ Q2
  • Cuphead – Q2/ Q3
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