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WoW: What a Treasure Goblin Is and Where to Find One


WoW: What a Treasure Goblin Is and Where to Find One


Treasure Goblins – WoW

With Diablo’s 20th anniversary in full swing, Blizzard has decided to celebrate this event across all of their major titles such as Overwatch and Hearthstone. World of Warcraft received a special creature and location courtesy of Diablo’s Treasure Goblin. This little mob is originally known for running away from players, dropping a variety of loot and gold for prospective dungeon crawlers to obtain.

In WoW, users can stumble across Treasure Goblins, in Legion dungeons, around the Broken Isles, and the Dalaran Sewers. Once they spot you, the Treasure Goblin will attempt to create an escape portal, so make sure to kill it as fast as humanly possible. There is a very limited window in which they’ll be available for them take damage, so don’t hold back if you see one. After they die, users can then enter their escape portal, which will transport players to the Secret Cow Realm. You’ll then be required to slay an elite enemy known as The Cow King to obtain a Twelve-String Guitar item.

The Treasure Goblins are not on a daily timer and can be farmed over and over again for the anniversary loot that both they and The Cow King drops. A variety of users at WowHead have begun compiling a master list of every spawn location known so far (but remember, you will need to own the Legion expansion in order to have access to this event.) Here’s every location and coordinate that they’ve discovered at so far:

  • High Mountain
    • By the Thunder Totem (45, 55)
    • South of the Wolf packs (56, 58)
    • (37. 65)
  • Val’sharah
    • (64,77)
  • Stormhelm
    • (37, 27)
    • (45,42)
  • Heroic Dungeons
    • Will randomly spawn at the end.
  • Dalaran Sewers
    • The Underbelly

Times for how long it takes for Treasure Goblins to respawn have ranged anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the location, but it is confirmed they spawn more than once a day. If you are looking to celebrate Diablo’s anniversary and gain some awesome new WoW loot in the process then, make sure to go on a hunt for these annoying little guys.

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