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What’s New In Diablo 3’s 20th Anniversary Event


What’s New In Diablo 3’s 20th Anniversary Event

From the ashes.

Rift Balancing

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With the Diablo 3 20th anniversary almost upon us, hordes of Nephilims are ready to scour every demon filled level for new cosmetics, enemies, and most importantly loot. Thanks to the 2.4.3 patch a wealth of new content will make its way into this massive dungeon crawler as well as some much-needed changes to the actual characters, rifts, and enemies in the game.

One of the changes comes in the form of Greed Rifts, which used to only open once per play session. This made it frustrating as your team would have to log out and log back into the world if they wanted to enter this special location more than once. In the patch notes for the next update, Blizzard have addressed this problem and will now close the rift after 60 seconds, allowing for teams to do multiple runs.

Other changes to the base game include the dyes receiving their own tab and no longer being sold by the different merchants. Greater Rifts also got a new makeover, with the enemy placement now evenly distributed across the various floors, each level is now around the same size, and the Cesspool variant is not as densely packed. These alterations are in an attempt to make both Lesser and Greater Rifts more consistent for players when they’re running at the highest level.

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