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Upcoming Games We’re Worried Could be the Next Scalebound


Upcoming Games We’re Worried Could be the Next Scalebound

Radio silence from some anticipated titles.

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Deep Down

deep down capcom

Deep Down was one of the first games shown off for the PS4 in 2013, before we even knew what the console itself looked like. Those watching got to see mysterious characters travel into the past from a futuristic city. What awaited them were vicious monsters and powerful dragons, as well as some friendly warriors who fought alongside them.

Being developed by Capcom, many thought that it would tie into some sort of Dragon’s Dogma Online game, but then that actually came into existence in Japan some time ago. Meanwhile, Deep Down has been silent since 2015, when producer Kazunori Sugiura said the game had grown and that more development time was needed. While the game hasn’t been publicly cancelled, it’s been almost a year since Sugiura made those comments, and even longer since the West was given any sort of update or new videos concerning Deep Down.

Naturally, those who are still looking forward to the Souls-esque, dragon-slaying action have grown worried. Since Dragon’s Dogma Online actually exists and is still being worked on, perhaps Capcom is stretched too thin and we’ll never see this title release? If Scalebound could be cancelled shortly after being delayed, anything is possible. 

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