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Top 10 Best Kingdom Hearts Boss Battles of All Time


Top 10 Best Kingdom Hearts Boss Battles of All Time

Truly memorable.

Kurt Zisa

The Kingdom Hearts series is filled with plenty of memorable battles that you have to complete in the story, but it also has a host of tough secret encounters. Kurt Zisa was one of two battles that you could undertake late in the first game, along with the Phantom you fight in Neverland.

This humongous Heartless can be found in the deserts of Agrabah, and it wields some deadly looking blades that definitely aren’t just for show. Despite it’s size, Kurt Zisa is surprisingly agile and comes with five health bars. There are three stages to the fight, and during the first one the boss blocks the parties’ magic with a pair of orbs. After the orbs are destroyed the boss moves on to phase two and three.

Luckily, you get a wide open arena to glide and run around in, dodging the bosses’ attacks. The lack of magic in the first part definitely makes this battle quite a challenge, not to mention the deadly and damaging attacks it throws at you. This is one fight you’re gonna need to train up for first.

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