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This War of Mine: How to Get More Survivors


This War of Mine: How to Get More Survivors

Get More Survivors – This War of Mine

This War of Mine puts players in control of a group of civilian survivors in the middle of a war-torn city. In order to ‘beat’ the game, players will have to scavenge for resources under the cover of darkness and spend their days crafting, trading, and using these items in order to keep the civilians happy and healthy.

Of course, the more survivors you have, the more things your group can be doing at once. Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut way of simply increasing the number of survivors you have in your group. Instead, survivors will randomly join your group.

New potential members to your group will appear at your door and ask you for shelter. This often happens shortly after one of your existing group members has died. It’s worth noting, however, that you’ll only ever be able to have a maximum of five survivors in your group at any one time. In a way, this is kind of helpful as it makes tracking what all of your group is doing at any one time far simpler.

For more tips, tricks, and guides for This War of Mine, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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