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The Consoles You Need to Own This Year, Ranked By Importance


The Consoles You Need to Own This Year, Ranked By Importance

Such a difficult choice.

3. Xbox One

xbox one

The Xbox One lands at the bottom of our ranking, though let’s make one thing clear: the Xbox One is far from a terrible console. It’s a strong piece of hardware with an extensive library of games thanks to major third-party support, a lineup of first-party exclusives, and its growing list of backwards compatible games, allowing the Xbox One to play some of the best 360 games ever released. However, 2017 isn’t looking to kind to Microsoft’s console at the moment.

Right now the PS4 is doing really well thanks to new success surrounding the PS4 Pro and the PSVR, and January was full of exclusive’s for Sony’s Platform. Also during January, Nintendo started rolling out details on its next console, the Switch, including game lineups and release dates. Meanwhile, the Xbox One has a paltry exclusive lineup for the rest of the year, with most titles releasing on PC as well. This puts the machine at a disadvantage, creating a less pressing need to own one. Ultimately, if you really want to play the games the Xbox One offers, there are other ways to do so.

The holiday season may change things up, though, as the release of the mysterious Project Scorpio is slated for that period. This upgraded console is being touted as the most powerful ever created, and on paper it stands above the competition. Unfortunately, we don’t know much else about the box. If it’s to share a library with the Xbox One, then the same lackluster lineup already planned is in effect, leaving little to desire. When you pair that with the fact that so much doesn’t even have a locked in release date, other platforms become a whole lot more appealing.

If you already own the competition, then sure, go pick up an Xbox One to experience its unique lineup. But, if you’re looking for something new and haven’t picked up anything since the Wii days, you’ll definitely want to shop around for something a bit more exciting in 2017.

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