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The Best Game of December 2016


The Best Game of December 2016

Which game reigned supreme in December?

Honorable Mention #1: Her Majesty’s Spiffing


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Staff Writer Jordan Oloman: Her Majesty’s Spiffing is the debut title from BillyGoat Entertainment, a small independent studio based out of Northern Ireland. It is primarily an adventure game, and puts you in the shoes of Captain English, an astronaut cast off into space in light of the ‘Brexit’ decision, eager to chart an uncertain new course for the United Kingdom.

The writing in this game is a triumph, echoing both Monty Python and Monkey Island, and is littered with excellent tongue-in-cheek references to the classic adventure games of the 1990’s. The game breathes new life into the genre, offering old school tricky puzzles, but with an astounding level of polish. The graphical style is charming, and everything bursts into life whether it’s the zany characters, the inside of the gorgeous spaceship, or the desert planet you’re sent out to capture. If you like British humor, schadenfreude, or just want to get a nostalgia buzz for the adventure genre, Her Majesty’s Spiffing is an excellent game to try.

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