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The Best December 2016 Games, According to Metacritic


The Best December 2016 Games, According to Metacritic

Critical hit.

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Steep – Metacritic Score: 72


While Steep wasn’t one of the worst reviewed games of December it sadly didn’t make enough of a mark to be noteworthy. Despite having absolutely gorgeous visuals it sadly lacked an effective way to group up or any real form of matchmaking with randoms. This became a notable issue as Steep’s various challenges could quickly grow stale if players didn’t have friends to complete them with.

Though there were an alarming amount of product placements that felt forced into the world at times and would occasionally break the immersion. One of the most interesting aspects, however, was the ability to create your own videos that showcased your skill. This allowed users to show off their awesome moments, allowing Steep to embrace the idea of this being a high octaine sport.

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