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6 Tech Releases to Get Excited About This Year


6 Tech Releases to Get Excited About This Year

Which are you most hyped for?

Apple’s iPhone 8

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With 2017 well underway, we begin another year of new smartphones, tablets, gadgets and other bits of cool tech designed to make our lives easier hitting the market. While there’s sure to be a number of groundbreaking announcements made through the year, here are five pieces of tech you should already be looking forward to hitting the market this year.

It seems like as soon as Apple was done unveiling its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus last September, people were already speculating about the iPhone 8. It’s expected that the iPhone 8 will see a huge overhaul to both the design of the chassis, as well as the features offered as the company celebrates the iPhone’s 10-year anniversary.

Speculation already claims the iPhone 8 will have an all-glass design, OLED display, no home button, bigger screen sizes, and plenty more. If the past few iPhone unveilings are anything to go by, Apple will officially reveal its latest smartphone in September, with the handset going on sale a few weeks later.

Currently, no features, release dates, or prices have been confirmed for the iPhone 8, but there’s a good chance we’re going to be very impressed as Apple celebrates the 10-year anniversary. For now, though, it’s just a case of waiting until September.

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