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Tales of Berseria: What To Do With Salvaged Items


Tales of Berseria: What To Do With Salvaged Items

Tales of Berseria – What do Do With Salvaged Items

You’ll pick up a ton of items during your time with Tales of Berseria, gaining them from battle and finding others scattered around the world to pick up. One of the item categories you’ll find are Salvaged Items, that have small bag icons next to them in your inventory. The game doesn’t really tell you what to do with these items, but they actually don’t have a use outside of selling them to shops.

Salvaged Items are usually found lying on the ground around the world of Berseria. You’ll see them as sparking dots, and just need to walk up to them and hit X to pick up. After you leave an area, these items will respawn, so you can go back and pick up more later on down the road.

Don’t worry about hanging onto any Salvaged Items, as you won’t need them for anything later in the game. Simply sell everything you have in your inventory, and make a quick buck. It’s one of the main ways of making Gald in Tales of Berseria, and you can see a few others here.

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