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Tales of Berseria: How to Change Costumes


Tales of Berseria: How to Change Costumes

Changing Costumes – Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria, just like other entries in the series, gives you a selection of costumes to dress each character in. These can be unlocked through different means like watching certain skits, seeing important story moments, or completing sidequests. Once you’ve unlocked a costume, it’s simple to change your character into it.

First off, hit the touchpad on the PS4 controller to bring up your menu. Then navigate over to the fashion tab and open it. Here, you’ll see quite a few different options for changing your character’s costume, hairstyle, and even equipped attachments. Trying out a few different variations for each character can be fun, especially as costume and attachment changes are reflected in cutscenes.

Attachments are also unlocked through various means in the game. You can get some from completing sidequests, minigames, and opening chests. The most common way you’ll obtain attachment, however, is by opening Katz Chests. You’ll need Katz Spirits in order to open these chests, and you can see more about them here. Most of the time when you open a Katz Chest you’ll be rewarded with a cute noise and a brand new attachment.

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