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Tales of Berseria: How to Get All Trophies


Tales of Berseria: How to Get All Trophies

Trophies – Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is the newest entry in the long-running RPG series, and as you’d expect it’s filled with some tough trophies to get. Here’s a list of all the trophies in the game, and some tips on how to get each.

Please note that while we’ll be avoiding spoiler for Tales of Berseria, by nature of the trophies there still may be some spoilers. 

Champion of Berseria (Platinum) – Unlock all other trophies in Tales of Berseria.

The Best Uncaged (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss.

The Sower of Strife (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss.

The Transgressor’s Chains (Bronze) – Story related, cannot miss.

The Howling Calamity (Silver) – Story related, cannot miss.

Velvet Crowe (Gold) – Story related, cannot miss.

The Great Gorger (Bronze) – Raise Velvet’s cooking level to 20, then cook the Crowe Family’s Special Quiche and watch the skit afterward. Then, you’ll need travel to the innn at Merushio and talk to the dogs there.

Rangetsu Initiate (Bronze) – Complete Rokurou’s sidequest. Easy enough to do, just follow in-game instructions and talk to NPCs with a ‘!’ mark.

The Praying Malak (Bronze) – Complete Laphicet’s sidequest.

Follower of the Creed (Bronze) – Complete Eizen’s sidequest.

Magilou’s Magnificent Menagerie (Bronze) – Complete Magilou’s sidequest.

Hope Surpassing Reason (Bronze) – Complete Eleanor’s sidequest.

Ultimate Stress Relief (Silver) – Finish the EX dungeon in Berseria and view the hot springs scene afterward. This is accessible after you beat the game.

Striding Beyond the End (Bronze) – Complete this sidequest. Similarly to the above one, just follow in-game instructions and talk to NPCs with a ‘!’ mark.

Dawn of Darkness (Bronze) – Complete this sidequest. Similarly to the above one, just follow in-game instructions and talk to NPCs with a ‘!’ mark.

A Promise Made (Bronze) – Complete this sidequest. Similarly to the above one, just follow in-game instructions and talk to NPCs with a ‘!’ mark.

Witness to the Mystic (Gold) – See every Mystic Arte in Berseria, both from party members and enemies. Each party member has three Mystic Artes that you’ll unlock, so simply use those. Certain bosses, however, have a Mystic Arte that you’ll need to see them use before taking them out. Below are the bosses with Mystic Artes

  • Shigure (first battle)
  • Teresa (second battle)
  • Oscar (second battle)
  • Aifread
  • Shigure (second battle)
  • Melchior
  • Artorius (second battle)
  • Innominat
  • Artorius (third battle)
  • Phoenix (at Titania Prison Island)
  • Zaveid
  • Dark Turtlez (at Katz Village)
  • Jude (at Yseult)
  • Milla (at Figahl Icecaps)
  • Milla and Jude (at Normin Island).

Centurion (Silver) – Perform a 100 hit combo. Simple enough, using Break Artes and Mystic Artes is a good way to help build this up.

Soul Vacuum (Bronze) – Collect 20 or more souls in a single battle. Chaining battles together and using moves that easily stun enemies is a good way to build up souls to gather.

Shattered Soul (Silver) – Use every break soul in the game for every character. You need to see every finisher and iteration that each character has for their Break Soul moves. You gain more by leveling up, and beating minibosses in the final dungeon.

Miraculous Myriad (Bronze) – Inflict 10,000 or more damage with a single hit. This trophy will most likely happen as you get further in the game. Chaining attacks and using Mystic Artes can make this easy.

The Last Level (Silver Trophy) – Raise a character to level 200. This trophy will take you quite a while to get. Taking advantage of the EX Dungeon and New Game+ will be vital.

Hanging with the Hanged Man (Bronze) – Defeat the dire foe, Hanged Man. Dire foes are powerful enemies in Berseria that have a random chance of appearing in battles. Chaining enemies together and raising the difficulty up the odds. Be warned though, they can be tough.

Bee Stinger (Bronze) – Defeat the dire foe, Quenn Bee. See Hanged Man.

Enough Monkeying Around (Bronze) – Defeat the dire foe, Sacred Baboon. See Hanged Man.

Backtalker (Bronze) – Defeat the dire foe, Bacturnian Man. See Hanged Man.

The Lindwurm Turns (Bronze) – Defeat the dire foe, Lindwurm. See Hanged Man.

Glacite Glut (Silver Trophy) – Obtain all 81 glacites. These are obtained through various means in the game; main story, giganto hunts, arenas, sub events, leveling the shop rank , defeating dire foes, and the EX dungeon. Focus on all other achievements and you’ll gain this eventually.

A Solid B (Silver Trophy) – Bring all characters’ titles to level 2. You can see the requirements for leveling titles when you select them in the menu.

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