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Street Fighter “Surprises” Hinted at for E3 or Comic-Con


Street Fighter “Surprises” Hinted at for E3 or Comic-Con

They won’t be Rival Schools, either.

Yoshinori Ono, the producer of the Street Fighter series has teased some “surprises” on the way for Street Fighter this year. Ono spoke to IGN, and said that Capcom will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the franchise, and will have a “surprise” in store at E3 or Comic-Con in the form of some sort of reveal or announcement.

Ono didn’t reveal anything about what this surprise may be, and simply said:

“Around E3 timing, maybe even San Diego Comic-Con, we have one or two surprises we hope our fans will look forward to.” He also added, “I’ll let you know that the surprises this year are not going to be Rival Schools.”

After a fairly thread-bare launch, Street Fighter V has been updated with new content and is now in a far more substantial form. Capcom has also recently announced Ultra Street Fighter 2 for the Nintendo Switch, a re-release of the fighting classic. The game features both a vintage pixel art look, as well as an updated HD art style, and will be available for Nintendo’s new console to coincide with the 30th anniversary celebration.

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