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Resident Evil 7: Where to Get Lockpicks


Resident Evil 7: Where to Get Lockpicks

Lockpicks – Resident Evil 7

If you’ve already spent some time exploring the Baker house in Resident Evil 7, you’ve probably already noticed that there are a bunch locked rooms, containers, and drawers. While the doors with animals attached to them require you to have that particular key, other generic locks can be opened with the help of ever-useful lockpicks.

Unfortunately, lockpicks are pretty hard to find and your best bet for finding them is to simply scour the environment. Every time you see a trash can, a cupboard, or a dresser that you can interact with, open it. You should also keep an eye out for red containers as it’s one of these that contains the first lockpick you can get in the game.

To get this first lockpick, make your way to the laundry room in the main house. It’s the room where you found the tape recorder after escaping from Jack when he returns to find you’ve got out of your restraints. In this safe room, you’ll find a small red metal box on a shelf. Simply interact with this and examine it until you’re looking at the side and are given the option to interact with it again. Press X (or A on the Xbox One) to open the container, giving you your first lockpick in the game. You can now user this on red toolboxes or locked drawers to get resources like herbs, or ammo.

After this first one, you’ll really just need to keep looking for anything and everything interact-able as you make your way through the horrors of the Baker estate.

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