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Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Good Ending


Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Good Ending

How to Get the Good Ending – Resident Evil 7


Resident Evil 7 is one truly horrifying game (you can check out our review here). Thankfully, there’s some light to the entire experience as the developers placed two endings into the game, one of which is actually considered “good.”

To get the good ending in Resident Evil 7 you’ll have to wait until you get about two-thirds through the story and reach the fight with mutated Jack Baker. After defeating him you must make a choice between saving either Mia, your loving wife who tried to kill you a few times during the game, or Zoe, the Baker daughter who has assisted you in your fight against her homicidal family. You’ll have to save Mia, which seems selfish but actually works out in the best interest of mostly everyone involved.

Now just continue the game normally and you’ll see a brighter ending to the nightmare that you were subjected to at the hands of the Bakers. If you’d like an explanation of this ending, along with details from the game’s story, check out our breakdown here.

Now that you know how to get the good ending, check out our growing wiki for more on Resident Evil 7 – including guides, tips, tricks, features, and walkthroughs.

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