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Resident Evil 7: How to Get a Flamethrower (Burner)


Resident Evil 7: How to Get a Flamethrower (Burner)

How to Get a Flamethrower (Burner) – Resident Evil 7

There are a fair amount of weapons you can get in Resident Evil 7, however, one of the most unique is the Burner, AKA the flamethrower. What’s unique about this weapon is you will actually need to build it from a bunch of scattered parts in the level, which can be frustrating. You will be able to get a flamethrower once you’ve made your way to the Old House after encountering Jack a second time.

Once you enter the Old House, head left and follow along the path against the wall until you enter a room with the words “She’s upstairs. Don’t go up.” written in blood. Be careful because there is an insect nest here, so go around it on the right-hand side and exit through the door. Head down the hallway and make your first left which will lead you to a room that has an exit to the porch. Step out onto the porch and you’ll find the first piece of your flamethrower, the Burner Grip, in the trash can.

Head back the way you came, only this time go through the door straight ahead and ignore the room with the insect nest. Now head through the door that leads onto the porch in the back left corner and hang a right across the rickety bridge. There will be a few angry bugs here so just stab them with your knife before they have a chance to react. Head on through the door and enter the little shack to find the flamethrower’s second part, the Burner Nozzle.

Now go into your inventory and combine both the items to get a flamethrower, one of the most powerful weapons in Resident Evil 7. This item is particularly useful at clearing out insect nests, which the Old House is absolutely littered with. Make sure to grab this item as soon as you get into the Old House as is will make your life far easier when trying to explore.

Now that you know how to get a flamethrower, make sure to check out our ever expanding wiki for more Resident Evil 7 guides, tips, and walkthroughs.

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