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Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Circular Saw Weapon


Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Circular Saw Weapon

How to Get the Circular Saw – Resident Evil 7

There are quite a few different hidden unlockables in Resident Evil 7, however, one of the most powerful is the Circular Saw. To unlock his powerhouse of a weapon you will be required to beat the entire game in under four hours – piece of cake, right? There is no other way currently available to obtain this powerful melee item, so you’ll need to get ready to speedrun through this nightmare as fast as you can manage. You can do this on any difficulty and use as many or as few saves, items, or weapons as you want.

In order to complete this task, we highly recommend you beat Resident Evil 7 at least once and make careful notes of where each key item is located. Time is of the essence and you don’t want to get lost in this plantation, as that’s an easy way to kill your run. Only fight enemies when you absolutely have to and make sure to know the quickest ways of killing Resident Evil 7’s bosses. If you’re playing on Easy, then you’ll really not have to worry about if a Baker sees you and gives chase. They are easily outmaneuvered and hiding from them will slow you down immensely.

After you complete the game in less than four hours, you’ll obtain one of the best weapons in all of Resident Evil 7. The Circular Saw is able to reduce enemies to hunks of flesh in a matter of seconds. Even bosses like Jack Baker won’t last long and can easily make your other playthroughs far easier. After all, who doesn’t want to take revenge on these backwoods psychos with a giant Circular Saw weapon?

Now that you know how to get a Circular Saw, check out more Residentent Evil 7 guides, tips, and walkthroughs in our ever-expanding wiki.

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