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Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Axe


Resident Evil 7: How to Get the Axe

How to Get the Axe – Resident Evil 7

In order to make your way through all of the nightmares that plague the Baker estate, you’re gonna need a ton of weapons. From survival knives, to shotguns, everything has a deadly use, so here’s how to get the axe in Resident Evil 7.

If you played the teaser demo revealed at E3 last year, you may have remembered that there was an axe to be found in a drawer. Well, it looks like it was simply hinting at one of the first weapons you’ll get your hands on in Resident Evil 7.

In the prologue section of the game, you’ll have to take on a possessed Mia. She’ll come at you a couple of times, the second of which you’ll finally have an axe to help you take her down. Unfortunately, while you may have this weapon in these opening moments, it won’t stay with you once the Bakers catch you a little later.

When you wake up at the table with the Baker family in the main house, your inventory will be stripped, and our beloved axe is gone forever.

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