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4 Reasons Why Blizzard’s Still One of the Greats


4 Reasons Why Blizzard’s Still One of the Greats

Heroes never die.


World of Warcraft

One of the most notable aspects about Blizzard as a company is the sheer level of transparency they offer between their company and consumers. Just taking a quick glance over their official Overwatch Youtube Channel it’s clear by the sheer number of developer diaries offered that Blizzard wants to accurately communicate each change to their titles. Blizzard’s games go through a number of alterations over their lifespan, so it’s important to constantly update your fans on what is happening and where that title is going to go in the future. Doing this allows the player base to know that Blizzard is either addressing a known issue or still looking to deliver content to a title well past its release date.

However, this kind of transparency transcends beyond their simple developer diaries as Blizzard constantly discusses issues with fans on their official forums as well. This gives them a direct connection to their consumers and allows them to explain any new issues popping up in their games. In an age where developers and publishers don’t always speak with their fans, it’s this personal connection that Blizzard establishes that helps them gain the trust of their players.

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