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7 Reasons Gravity Rush is One of Sony’s Best Exclusives


7 Reasons Gravity Rush is One of Sony’s Best Exclusives

Turning the PlayStation upside down.


Gravity Rush

The first thing that stands out about Gravity Rush the second you boot it up are its beautiful graphics. The entire game looks like an anime come to life. The style is just as boisterous and rambunctious as anime is, as well. Characters leap through the city, yelling at the top of their lungs before landing a critical blow. The game’s fully animated cut scenes are gorgeous to behold, featuring plenty of emotive characters, and great action.

When Gravity Rush needs to tell smaller, more self-contained stories it utilizes a series of panels and speech bubbles, effectively turning itself into a motion comic. The game is always a joy to watch, whether you’re soaring through the sky, looking down on the cities, taking to one of the game’s charismatic city dwellers, or kicking Nevi out of the sky. Gravity Rush is simply a beautiful series, and knows exactly what kind of game it is striving to be.

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