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5 Reasons to Be Excited for Resident Evil 7


5 Reasons to Be Excited for Resident Evil 7

Welcome to the family, son!

Going Back to the “Horror Roots”

resident evil 7 beginning hour pc demo

With Resident Evil 7, Capcom has clearly taken fan feedback into account and opted to go for a more ‘horror’ feel in the new entry rather than pumping out another high-octane action game like Resident Evil 6. In the series’ latest, players are plunged into a creepy house setting with no way out, their only objective being to find a way out of said house. Much like the classic Resident Evil titles, the player has to solve environmental puzzles, pick up items like fuses and bolt cutters, and figure out how to use them to progress through the level. Having the insane Baker family and the mold-covered monsters stalk you every step of your journey definitely ups the tension too. It’s a kind of paranoia we haven’t felt since the days of Resident Evil 1 and 2.

Not only that, Resident Evil 7 will see the return of fan-favorite mechanics like health and ammo management. Ethan’s health level is displayed on his wristwatch (classy-looking UI there), and players will have to actively seek out herbs to restore his health. Picking up puzzle pieces and ammo will require you to manage your inventory wisely, as you don’t want to bring around too many key items without having space for crucial survival tools like ammunition and herbs. On top of all that, Resident Evil 7 brings back save rooms – essentially rest points where you can manually save your game and take a break from the lurking horrors.

It doesn’t get any more ‘classic Resident Evil’ than that.

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