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10 Games That Could Carry the PS4 This Year


10 Games That Could Carry the PS4 This Year

Big titles to help the PS4 succeed in 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn


In less than a couple of month’s time, players will finally get their hands on Guerrilla Games’ upcoming open-world title, Horizon Zero Dawn. Putting players in the role of Aloy, Horizon is set in a futuristic world with a bit of a twist. Rather than seeing humans on top, as usual, the world is plagued by robot dinosaurs while humans seem to have returned back to the age of the caveman. As such, players will have to uncover the mystery surrounding past and future world events.

Horizon hasn’t just caught attention with its exclusivity, but because of its unique setting, too. Besides being massive, its lore seems completely different to most other things on the market at the moment, and as such, fans want to get exploring. On top of that, this is the first time that Guerrilla Games has ventured away from the Killzone series. Seeing what the developer can do in a completely different genre is certainly getting people excited. Luckily, we don’t have much longer to wait.

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