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Predicting All the Ups and Downs of Microsoft’s 2017


Predicting All the Ups and Downs of Microsoft’s 2017

Look into our crystal ball.


sea of thieves crew

While we are only a few weeks into 2017, it’s clear that Microsoft is off to a rather troublesome start thanks to the loss of their highly sought after title Scalebound. Now with only three major exclusives lined up for this year (Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, and Halo Wars 2) the pressure is on Microsoft to deliver more titles to their fans. It’s clear that Xbox’s head Phil Spencer understands the importance of first party titles, so it’s more than possible that some new IPs will be revealed at this year’s E3.

However, given Microsoft’s track record, most of their newly announced titles don’t release at least until the following year. This means it’s quite possible that outside of some extra independent titles, Microsoft might be stuck with their rather small line-up of exclusives. However, we do think this will put pressure on Microsoft and force them to secure more exclusive deals with third party developers in terms of DLC content and expansions. If they don’t obtain additional support from outside creators, then the Xbox One will have a far harder time competing with Sony’s PlayStation 4’s library.

Indie games will continue to be supported on the Xbox One, with bigger and more known titles like We Happy Few getting the most attention. We also suspect that a large variety of their current exclusive line-up will be updated to perform better on Xbox’s Scorpio. There’s also a chance that they will release a new exclusive to coincide with the release of this system. However, if the Xbox One doesn’t gain more third party support, they will certainly have some trouble competing with Sony this year.

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