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Pokemon GO Update 0.53.1: What’s New?


Pokemon GO Update 0.53.1: What’s New?

What? Pokemon GO is evolving!

Pokemon GO’s latest update has just arrived, and while it may not bring any major features, it has officially fixed a problem with the GPS tracking. Meanwhile, the latest round of data mining by The Silph Road suggests that some truly major changes are peaking over the horizon.

The latest update to version 0.53.1 for Android and 1.23.1 for iOS only makes slight changes but it also serves as evidence that Niantic is focused on fine-tuning the Pokemon GO experience down to the very last detail.

According to the patch notes published on the official Pokemon GO website, the biggest changes are an update to the Apple Watch that will display eggs that have been collected from PokeStops and a tweak to how the app tracks distance. The latter of the two will likely be the change that most players will feel the most. The new tracking system will take GPS drift into account, which means it could feel just a tad bit more difficult to hatch some of those eggs.

GPS drift is what’s responsible for the moments when players were really just sitting down in Starbucks enjoying a Chai latte and your trainer suddenly skips around a bit and continues walking down the road. GPS drift would give players credit for those phantom steps they never really took, which helped count towards the distance players needed to travel to hatch their eggs. To be clear, GPS drift typically doesn’t give users a significant amount of extra distance but it could add up over a long period of time. The distance tracking fix will take that drift into consideration and provide a more accurate measure for how far Pokemon trainers have really traveled. The latest update also includes minor text fixes within the game.

What’s even more exciting than what has been released in the latest update, however, is what the team over at The Silph Road has uncovered through some extensive data mining. According to The Silph Road, 38 new moves could soon be on their way, and evolution items could soon be introduced to the game as well.

Item names like Sun Stone, King’s Rock and Dragon Scale have all been uncovered in the app’s coding, along with a variety of forms that will likely be used for the mysterious Pokemon Unown. Other discoveries include the possibility of Niantic adding a news section for app updates and events, more Generation II Pokemon, more customization for characters, and even more Shiny Pokemon.

While Pokemon GO’s latest update was a bit underwhelming on the surface, it may be Niantic’s way of working out all of the little details before they truly give players another round of major changes they’ve been waiting for. For now, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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