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Pokemon Duel: How to Fix the Text Not Found Error


Pokemon Duel: How to Fix the Text Not Found Error

Text Not Found – Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel is the newest mobile game set in the Pokemon universe that has players creating decks of popular critters in order to do battle against other hopeful trainers. Unfortunately, the new game is not without its launch woes, and one error that has been rearing its ugly head is the “Text Not Found” error. This keeps the game from properly starting, and forces players to exit.

Many have been uninstalling the game, hoping that a fresh install will fix the issue, but the Text Not Found message still blares across their device’s screen. This is because there’s not anything actually wrong with the game. It’s Pokemon Duel’s way of telling users that the servers are under maintenance and that it’s a server-side issue. Unfortunately, players weren’t notified of impending maintenance, and an end time usually isn’t given (something the Pokemon Company should definitely work on for future updates).

The only thing you can do is exit the app, and continue to try again later until you’re finally allowed back into the game. Just rest assured that there is nothing wrong with your phone or the app itself. Things are just being fixed in the background so you can have a smoother experience later on.

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