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Pokemon Duel: How to Evolve Your Pokemon


Pokemon Duel: How to Evolve Your Pokemon

How to Evolve – Pokemon Duel

Though you can level up your creatures in Pokemon Duel, this isn’t how to evolve your Pokemon. The process is actually a bit more complicated than what you’d assume having played past games in the franchise.

To evolve Pokemon, you’ll first need to own the figure of its evolution. While you could just play this evolved figure in matches, starting out with the lower evolution and then evolving it mid-match will give you a stronger fighter.

Once you own the evolution, you’ll need to set it. Head to the Decks menu and press Edit Figures. From here, select the base Pokemon, and then set it in a deck above. Click on the dot symbol below it, and you’ll see all of the possible evolution figures. Keep in mind that you cannot set an evolved figure that is already being used in the same deck.

Select the evolved Pokemon to set the evolution. Now, if you knock out or move an enemy ‘mon, yours will evolve mid-battle. Attacks with 10 or more damage get a +10 damage bonus, Purple attacks gain +1 star, and the lower evolution will not gain experience for the match.

Now that you know how to evolve in Pokemon Duel, you’re ready to take on any challenger.

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