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4 Moves Sony Needs to Make to Win 2017


4 Moves Sony Needs to Make to Win 2017

Can Sony continue its momentum?

Put the Pro Out Front

PS4 Pro

Sony introduced two new versions of its PS4 console back in September – the Slim (which replaces the standard model) and the Pro. However, this year will bring two new consoles from the competition, one which is being touted as the most powerful video game console ever made. Many fans of video games will want Microsoft’s Project Scorpio thanks to its current promise of true 4K gaming and VR support. However, if Sony could get a large slice of that particular market, it will steel them against the Xbox One’s impending rise in sales.

To do so, though, Sony will have to really start pushing the PS4 Pro. That means actually getting those “PS4 Pro Enhanced” stickers onto some game cases, having developers utilize the extra power rather than it being a toss up, and really pushing the PS4 Pro as the go-to version of the console. Of course, this doesn’t mean it should forsake the Slim. Sony’s two-pronged approach to getting people playing on the PlayStation platform isn’t anything new, and it’s actually a smart move. But, the better version should be the focus with the other being an affordable option, rather than pushing the standard and having the Pro be something to consider.

With the right push, they can get into a ton of homes and have to worry a lot less about competition from the stronger option. Nothing like an early lead to help tie up a year.

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