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Resident Evil 7: How to Kill Molded Easily


Resident Evil 7: How to Kill Molded Easily

Molded – Resident Evil 7

Unlike other games in this series, Resident Evil 7 is actually rather light when it comes to a roster of different enemies and monsters to face. Outside of The Bakers, your primary foe for the majority of the game will be the Molded. These disgusting black blob-like enemies are far more dangerous than they look and despite their speed should be approached with caution. You will find these throughout most of the game regardless of what difficulty you play on.

One of the best ways to dispatch this enemy is to either use the magnum or shotgun, as a round or two in the head will instantly drop them on normal difficulty. Pistols are okay at dispatching them, but make sure to conserve your ammo because they usually attack in numbers. However, they are very slow so use your mobility and always keep a healthy distance from them. If you’re in a confined space and end up fighting more than one try not to panic. The last thing you want to do is shoot at them wildly and expend all your ammo before the fight begins.

There are also other variants of the Molded such as a crawling one and a big, fat one. For the four-legged one, simply just use the shotgun and if possible aim for the head. They are a big quicker and more agile so you may end up just landing a few body shots. For the big ones, you can actually just keep backing up and popping Molded in the dome with a pistol or magnum. If you use their speed to your advantage, they really aren’t that difficult unless you get cornered. When fighting these, sometimes it’s better to just run as they typically won’t pursue you if you shut the door behind you. This will give you some much-needed breathing room in RE7 and allow you to devise a plan of attack.

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