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Mass Effect Andromeda Will Support HDR on All Platforms

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Mass Effect Andromeda Will Support HDR on All Platforms

Enjoy some space luminosity on any platform.

No matter which platform you buy Mass Effect Andromeda for — Xbox One, PC, or PS4 — you’ll be able to enjoy high dynamic range (HDR) visuals. The only caveat being that Xbox One gamers will need to be gaming on an Xbox One S to experience HDR’s extra luminosity and vibrancy.

When a fan asked on Twitter over the weekend if Mass Effect Andromeda would feature HDR gameplay on Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro, BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn confirmed that it would.

Separately, another fan asked if the game would run in HDR on PC, with Flynn responding that it would. The fan also inquired as to which HDR format the game would run on, but Flynn was unsure whether it was HDR10 or Dolby Vision.

In any case, Andromeda will support HDR on all available platforms. HDR, as mentioned, endeavors to create a more realistic picture by allowing for greater luminosity and color vibrancy, if you have a 4K TV or monitor with HDR support.

It was the second bit of graphical news we got about Mass Effect Andromeda recently. Just last week we learned that the game would run at 1080p on PlayStation 4 and 900p on Xbox One.


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