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Is There a White PS4 Pro You Can Buy?


Is There a White PS4 Pro You Can Buy?

Is There a White PS4 Pro?

Very recently, Sony unveiled the Glacier White PS4 Slim, which sports a sleek look and even has a matching version of the new DualShock 4 (you know, the one that has the light bar on the touchpad as well for some reason). Of course, after seeing a brand-new version of the Slim, everyone’s next question was, “where can I buy a white PS4 Pro?”

Sony’s new, 4K capable console has been the center of attention since it released back in November, so it’s no surprise that those interested in joining the PlayStation family or looking to upgrade would like a prettier option. Unfortunately, as of right now at least, there is no white PS4 Pro on the market. The company has yet to reveal a new color scheme for the console and have made no mention of future plans. Chances are, though, that a new edition (be it limited or not) will eventually release as long as the hardware keeps selling, but for now there is no way to get a legitimate white Pro console manufactured by Sony themselves.

You can, however, search online for colored skins for your PS4 Pro, but at that point, you may as well go for something a bit more extravagant while you wait for the real deal. The choice is yours.

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