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Is For Honor Coming to PC?


Is For Honor Coming to PC?

Is For Honor Coming to PC?

Ubisoft is prepping to release their latest action title, a historical battle game focused on warrior combat. For Honor pits knights, samurai, and vikings against each other in both single and multiplayer battles. These combat encounters rely heavily on swordplay, with players forced to read the stances and incoming attacks of their opponents. Only fighters will quick reflexes and nimble eyes will survive to lead the charge, and its this strategic layer that has players intrigued for the upcoming title.

Luckily for those players, For Honor is coming to a number of platforms. The game releases on Feb. 14, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While Ubisoft Montreal is leading development on consoles, Ubisoft Blue Byte is developing the PC version of For Honor.

“PC has traditionally been the strongest platform in Germany, and after early hits like The Settlers and Battle Isle, it became the studio’s lead platform,” said the studio’s managing director, Benedikt Grindel. “The team is absolutely passionate about PC gaming, and most of our developers are die-hard PC gamers.”

““It needs to have a PC look and feel, but it is also a balancing act,” added associate producer Philipp Sonnefeld. “PC is the most powerful and diverse platform to develop for, so it’s about pushing the game to the limits of new hardware, while still keeping it accessible to a broad audience of PC gamers.”

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