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4 Ideas Nintendo Nabbed From Sony and Microsoft With the Switch


4 Ideas Nintendo Nabbed From Sony and Microsoft With the Switch

Not entirely new.

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Paid Online Service

Nintendo Switch, online services

Nintendo has always had free online multiplayer on its systems and no kind of subscription service. Of course, Nintendo’s online services have never had enough to offer to warrant a paid system. That all changes with the Switch, which is adopting an Online Service very similar to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

Nintendo hasn’t announced a price yet, but has released some details on the service over on their website. Online play will be free at the Switch’s launch for a trial period, until the paid service launches this fall. The Nintendo site does state, “After the free-trial period, most games will require a paid online service subscription from Nintendo in order to play online.” On top of online play, you’ll also be getting free digital titles every month and exclusive deals on digital games and content.

PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold are both systems that have seen considerable success, so it’s no surprise that Nintendo is following suit with its new console.

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