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Hitman’s New ‘101’ Gameplay Trailer is Delightfully Self-Aware


Hitman’s New ‘101’ Gameplay Trailer is Delightfully Self-Aware

A world of assassination.

By now, we all know what makes Hitman 2016 such a special game: from its intricately designed levels, its wealth of replayability, or its elusive targets. That sentiment is expressed well in a new “Hitman 101” gameplay trailer released today which, among other things, tells us that IO Interactive gets what’s so good about their game.

The trailer perfectly articulates the methodical gameplay loops and variety of ways it can be played: by following opportunities, grabbing a sniper rifle and picking the right spot, batting everybody over the head with a crowbar, or just throwing an explosive rubber ducky at your target.

The video also talks about Hitman’s replayability and how uninformed and awkward your first run of a mission can be, which is one of the harder things to grasp at first if you’ve never played a game in the series. It’s nice to see a publisher release a video like this that comes off as especially honest about their own game’s strengths, though it’s probably easier for a game this good.


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