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Hello Neighbor: What the QR Code Is (Alpha 3)


Hello Neighbor: What the QR Code Is (Alpha 3)

If you have been playing Hello Neighbor then you might have noticed some things have been off. We don’t mean your neighbor who might be hiding bodies, or just has weird habits. We mean more like hidden codes and QR codes around the house and if you want to know what those mean, then we’ve got you covered.

You’ll find one part of the QR code on the outside deck, which shouldn’t be too hard to get since you don’t have to complete the game to get to it. The other is more hidden, and you have to complete the main segment of the game in order to get to it in the basement. You can piece them together using any type software like Photoshop, and once you put do you can scan it with your phone with any QR reader app.

Once that happens you’ll have two messages. One is 1003063 and the other is a phrase, “I had to hide it, they might find out.” The message is for sure a bit ominous and might play a role for when the game is no longer in alpha, but the numbers just seem like a weird mix. If you pop that into Google, you’ll find a listing for a home that doesn’t really show much, but there is a weird detail in the listing. It states that the homeowner owns the house next door. What that means for in-game purpsoes isn’t clear yet, but it is possible that is a detail that shouldn’t be dismissed just yet. Until then we’ll make sure to keep an eye out on Hello Neighbor, and hopefully we don’t get caught.

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