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Gravity Rush 2: How to Beat Raven / Night Gale


Gravity Rush 2: How to Beat Raven / Night Gale

How to Beat Raven / Night Gale – Gravity Rush 2 Boss Guide

Minor spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

In chapter 2 of Gravity Rush 2, you’ll go up against your old buddy Raven from the original Gravity Rush. Unfortunately for Kat and the Angry Centipede, Raven (or as the military refers to her, “Night Gale”), is going rogue for some unknown reason, and acting all villain like by beating up on Kat and her allies. So Kat, being the wonderful hero that she is, reluctantly decides to take her down.

Depending on your play style, your first instinct might be to fly up and try to Gravity Kick her right in the face. That’s not a great move in the Raven fight. Raven (Night Gale) is super fast and hard to keep up with, and also will fire off blasts of energy at you that will be hard to dodge mid-kick. Instead, your best bet is to actually stay grounded and Stasis Field debris to launch at her. Upgrading Stasis Field to hold three items definitely helps, but isn’t required.

Stay low, launch stuff right at her face, and rinse and repeat. Occasionally, Raven / Night Gale might drop to the ground. That’s a good opportunity to wail on her with your normal kick attacks. Just be sure to dodge her incoming attacks with the R2 button and then follow up with a counter of your own. If you charge up your special attack, feel free to activate it and go to town on her, unleashing your finisher with the pad button when she’s out of health.

And that does it! Raven can either be incredibly difficult if you try to chase her around, or easy if you follow the above strategy. The choice is yours, Gravity Rush 2 fans!

Need any additional help? Let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to guide you through!

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