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Gravity Rush 2: How Long It Is & How Many Episodes & Chapters There Are


Gravity Rush 2: How Long It Is & How Many Episodes & Chapters There Are

Spoiler-free other than the obvious of knowing how long it is: Gravity Rush 2 for the PlayStation 4 is upon us and it picks up right where Kat’s story in the original Gravity Rush left off.

If you’re a prospective buyer wondering how long Gravity Rush 2 is, or currently working through it, your experience will vary greatly depending on how much side tracking you do.

The game itself is 21 episodes long within three broad chapters. If you blow through the game with minimal, or no stopping to do any side activities, you can probably clear the game in anywhere from 8-12 hours or so, give or take a few hours depending on how skilled you are and how many times you need to restart for a failed mission.

However, there are many side quests and challenges in Gravity Rush 2. If you stop to do some, or all of the side activities before completing the game (or after), you will probably end up at about 15-20 hours of playing time at least, if not more. The side quests are just about the same length of most of the main quests, so there’s a lot to do if you take your time.

Challenges are very similar to how they were in the original game, and are the best source of precious gems. So unless you’re skilled enough to tackle the game with minimal combat upgrades, you’ll probably want to detour through these challenges at some point and extend the game a bit longer.

So all in all, how long it takes you to beat Gravity Rush 2 is going to vary greatly on how much exploring and side activities you get caught up in. We recommend taking your time as not only will you get to understand the story more by doing the side quests, but you’ll also have more opportunities to upgrade Kat’s combat by completing challenges and exploring for precious gems, making your life a lot easier as you play through.

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