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Gravity Rush 2: How to Get Dusty Tokens and What They’re For


Gravity Rush 2: How to Get Dusty Tokens and What They’re For

Dominate with your photo-taking skills.

Gravity Rush 2 – Dusty Tokens

Dusty Tokens, lovingly named after Kat’s cat Dusty, are a new form of currency introduced in Gravity Rush 2. You don’t need them to progress with the game’s story, but they can be used to unlock a few cosmetic items and even Talismans, which will make your journey a little easier.

In order to unlock these Tokens, you’ll have to start taking photos with Kat’s brand new camera and upload them to the game’s server. You’ll unlock the camera function once you reach Jirga Para Lhao. After taking a few photos, head to your photo collection menu and upload your favorite ones to the server. From here, other players can see the shots you’ve taken, and even leave positive impressions on them. The more Likes you get for your photos, the more Dusty Tokens you’ll earn.

After that, you can head into the game’s main menu and spend these Dusty Tokens on various things like costumes, gestures, and Talismans. You can check out a full list of all the rewards in the Statistics page found on your main menu, along with how many Tokens you need to unlock each one.

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