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Get Your First Look at the Nintendo Switch’s Touchscreen in Action

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Get Your First Look at the Nintendo Switch’s Touchscreen in Action

Nintendo hasn’t talked much about Switch’s touch controls, but you can see them in action here.

When Nintendo first revealed the Nintendo Switch in October 2017, the console holder neglected to address whether or not the Switch’s tablet featured a touchscreen. At an event earlier this month, however, Nintendo finally confirmed that the hardware has a capacitive multi-touch screen, and now we have our first look at it in action.

YouTuber GamingWithMe published footage of himself using the Switch touchscreen (below) to play Activision and Toys for Bob’s Skylanders: Imaginators during Nintendo’s January 13 event in New York City.

In the video, GamingWithMe uses the touch functionality purely for menu navigation, for which it seems to work as well as you’d expect a touchscreen to work in 2017. The limited use of touch controls in the video, however, calls into question whether or not any games will use the touchscreen for controlling in-game actions.

Because the Nintendo Switch can be played in portable mode with the screen exposed and home mode during which the screen is blocked by the system’s docking bay, touch controls aren’t viable when playing the system on a TV. That means that any game with touch controls would also need to offer button and/or motion controls to perform the same actions that touching the screen would when the system is docked. Otherwise, those actions would be limited to mobile play only.

Skylanders: Imaginators will release as a Nintendo Switch launch day title on March 3, so anyone picking the console up then will be able to take the touch controls for a spin themselves.


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