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Move Over, Hamilton, These 10 Game Musicals Would Tear Broadway Up


Move Over, Hamilton, These 10 Game Musicals Would Tear Broadway Up

Hit them high notes.

10) God of War

god of war

You’ve got a great backdrop with Greek myths, a powerful, imposing figure with larger than life ambitions, and plenty of characters even grander than him. More importantly, it’s all wrapped up in what’s ultimately a story about a father and son at odds with each other about the son’s life choices.

God of War is synonymous with sex, blood, and mutilation. But there were times in each of the games where Kratos’ monstrous personality would be peeled back to reveal the wounded animal inside, and with the new title giving him a son to redeem himself through, it’s doubtful that the son won’t learn about the type of man his father used to be.

While it’d be easy to just say to recreate the Greek era of Kratos’ life and call it a day, the new Norse environments lend themselves to the musical treatment as well. There’s the sense of discovery that can come with learning about this strange, new world that Kratos inhabits, coming to terms with the monster that he used to be, and so on and so forth.

In some ways, think Gypsy, but with a hell of a lot more blood and guts. Speaking of, remember the finale song “Rose’s Turn and the ultimate admission that everything she did, she did for herself? Doesn’t that sound similar to what a certain Ghost of Sparta would say after he’s destroyed the world and its Greek gods?

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