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5 Games Sony Could Still Realistically Release this Year


5 Games Sony Could Still Realistically Release this Year

Place your bets.

God of War

god of war

Revealed just last year at Sony’s E3 conference, God of War was a pleasant surprise for longtime fans of the series. The latest entry in the franchise adopted a third-person, over the shoulder view, and introduced a much older Kratos with a young son. The E3 reveal also came with a huge chunk of gameplay footage as we watched Kratos coach his son in the ways of hunting, and wrestle with a large boss in a Nordic-themed world.

While we haven’t heard too much about God of War since that initial reveal, everything we’ve seen so far suggests that the development process is pretty far along by now. Not to mention, director Cory Balrog has mentioned on Twitter that the dev team has completed the game’s campaign from start to finish, meaning the project might be close to completion. God of War could very well make another appearance at this year’s E3, and we can see it being one of the headlining titles for Sony’s winter 2017 lineup.

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