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5 Forgotten Games Begging for More Attention in 2017


5 Forgotten Games Begging for More Attention in 2017

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When Ninja Theory first unveiled Hellblade for the PS4 back in August 2014 with an announcement trailer, fans were in awe of the stunning visuals. It didn’t give too much of the story away, either. All we know is that we’ll be taking control of a badass female warrior in a post-apocalyptic world that also seems to be driven by tribes and filled with voodoo magic and creepy creatures. As promising as this next game from the makers of Enslaved and DMC looks, we haven’t heard all that much about it since.

Yes, Ninja Theory has been posting developer diary updates over on the official site, but it’s not the gameplay or juicy details that games normally save for the likes of E3 or Gamescom. Players are still very much in the dark about things and with the last trailer having come almost a year ago, it’s unsurprising that fans may be a little concerned regarding the progress of the title. Fortunately, Hellblade did appear in Sony’s video showcasing what fans could look forward to in 2017 and beyond, so it seems likely that we’ll be at least getting some more news sometime this month.

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