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The Flame in the Flood: How to Kill Wolves


The Flame in the Flood: How to Kill Wolves

Wolves – The Flame in the Flood

Wolves are one of the terrifying beasts you will come across in your The Flame in the Flood adventures. They’re fast, they often work in packs, and they like to strike at night. They’re not that easy to take down, but the hide they drop can be very useful to craft some great armor.

To avoid them, simply traverse a location during the day when they’re asleep, get rid of crows so you’re not caught, and head inside a location to sleep the night away. But if you want to take them down, you can do so with the following items: bow and arrows, spear spring trap, and tainted bait. You can bow and arrow them, but they’re pretty hard targets unless you catch them sleeping, so it might be best to stick to tainted bait and the traps. Do keep in mind, though, that you’ll need multiple traps.

And once you do take the wolves down, you’ll have yourself some raw meat and wolf hides. Congratulations, now make yourself some better armor.

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