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Let’s Predict the Next FFXIV Job (WTF Does Spiderman Mean Edition)


Let’s Predict the Next FFXIV Job (WTF Does Spiderman Mean Edition)

Let’s dig into the likely, the possible, and the totally insane theories.

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The next and last Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in Europe is just a few weeks away, and with the release date of Stormblood known and out of the way, the next biggest news that fans will likely be clamoring to know more about is the next new job announcement. So far, between Heavensward and Stormblood we’ve surprisingly been fairly accurate in predicting these jobs!

Back in the pre-Heavensward days (and before the obvious clue of the shirt), we nailed Dark Knight as a new tank, and last month before the Japan Fan Fest, we predicted Red Mage with a fair amount of accuracy. We had a feeling that Red Mage would be a DPS and not a healer/pure support like it was in Final Fantasy XI. We envisioned it as a DPS/Support hybrid in the vein of Bard/Machinist, and until we get some more knowledge about its abilities, that certainly is still possible.

Going into this fan fest, we have a major clue to what the next job will be. Apparently, it will be something related to Spiderman, as that was the shirt that producer Naoki Yoshida was wearing during a previous Fan Festival keynote (which is his mechanism for dropping hints). Unlike the Scarlet Witch clue, which was a dead giveaway that it would be Red Mage, Spiderman is way more ambiguous.

We’re going to start by running through the most likely options, and then get into some outside the box ideas, and then finally, crazy silly ideas.

Samurai (Tank)

OK I’ll admit, at first I really did not buy into the whole Spiderman = Sam Raimi = Samurai theory. It seemed like a ridiculous stretch when past clues had obvious connections to either the name or the mechanic of the job. Batman = Dark Knight, Scarlet Witch = Red Mage, 007 = Gun Shooting Job (Machinist). Following that trend, you might expect Yoshida to wear like a Tom Cruise Last Samurai shirt, not Spiderman, if he wanted to drop a Samurai clue.

In this case, it would be some sort of vague similarity to name of a guy who directed some old Spiderman films. It apparently (according to some Redditors anyway) also lines up nicely in the Japanese language, but even still, it just seemed too far out there.

That was until we found the .dat files in the latest patch. I guess it could be a misdirection, or it could be referring to something else, but it certainly looks like Samurai is confirmed to be a job in some form. If we’re only getting two new jobs, which is a possibility for a number of reasons that I won’t sidetrack this article for (hopefully not though), then that would mean that the silly Sam Raimi connection (or something even more obscure) is correct.

Blue Mage (???)

I had Blue Mage listed as a long shot last time around, because the freedom a Blue Mage has to learn new spells from monsters and be whatever it wants to be is just so different than FFXIV’s incredibly rigid ability system and holy trinity job balance. But, I have to say the Spiderman = Blue Mage makes the most sense based on Yoshida’s previous track record.

It’s quite simple. Peter Parker got his powers and became Spiderman by being attacked (bit) by a radioactive spider. How have Blue Mages traditionally learned new spells? By being attacked, killing, or eating enemies. There’s a logical connection there that doesn’t really exist with the Sam Raimi theory.

I still have no idea what a Blue Mage in FFXIV would be like, nor can I just dismiss Samurai appearing in the .dat files. My guess? We’re getting both. We are getting Samurai as a new job, but the Spiderman shirt is a reference to Blue Mage, which will be revealed first.


Alright now let’s jump over to some other less likely, but feasible theories.

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