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Every Retailer That’s Sold the NES Classic Edition


Every Retailer That’s Sold the NES Classic Edition

Good luck getting one of these bad boys.

Undoubtedly a hot ticket item this holiday season, the miniature edition of the classic 1985 NES console was continually sold out at various retailers both in-store and online, making getting one of these 8-bit nostalgia machines a difficult task. For $59.99, the NES Classic Edition includes 30 classic NES games including Super Mario Bros., the Legend of Zelda, and Excitebike. The NES Classic Edition also features a CRT filter for that old-school, lined TV look and one full-sized NES controller with additional controllers going for $9.99 each.

Now that the holidays are over, it should be easier to get your hands on one of these bad boys. Although be warned that some markups on this mini console are pretty ridiculous due to the limited supply.

Check out the list of retailers that have/are selling the NES Classic Edition:

  • Player’s Choice is pricing the console at $280, excluding the additional shipping costs of approximately $5. Talk about markup.
  • Amazon has several marketplace sellers all posting listings with various prices usually within the $250-$400 price range, perhaps you may stumble upon a reasonably priced listing, so best to check back in with that link often if you can.
  • Best Buy is selling the console for the original $59.99 price, but always seems to be sold out online and the option to reserve in-store is restricted. If you go to a Best Buy location you may see one on a shelf, but it is very unlikely.
  • GameSpot has had the console available in-store, as well as online, but sold out almost immediately. Bundles including the Nintendo NES Classic Strategy Edition Bundle for $104.99 and Nintendo NES Classic Edition Bundle with Console Backpack and Extension Cable for $109.99 were also made available, but have since sold out with the listings now missing from the website.
  • Toys R Us has been selling the mini console both in-store and online for $79.99, with free shipping due to spending more than $49.99 and a limit of one per customer.
  • Target has been selling the NES Classic in-store at the original $59.99 price, but is selling out quickly whenever they get them in. On Target’s website, they state they are not currently selling the console online, and suggest contacting your local Target in the hope they may have restocked.
  • If you happen to live in the Big Apple, the Nintendo Store in New York sometimes restocks the NES classic at the original $59.99 price, like on Dec. 29 when starting at 9 AM a lucky few purchased them in-store with a limit of one per customer. The NY Nintendo store posts about availability of the console on its social media, so better follow if you hope to snag one whenever they restock next.
  • Chunk Toys has the NES classic in-stock for a whopping $249.99, the two-player bundle for $299.99, and finally additional controllers for 10x the original price at $99.99. Perhaps this should be a last option if no other retailers have it available, and you have some cash to burn.
  • Walmart has marked up the console to $247, which is currently sold out with pick-ups unavailable. If you don’t mind the huge price increase, you could always sign up for an in-stock alert available on its listing.
  • Pricefalls Marketplace has been selling online for $239, plus an additional $5 for shipping. However, at the time of writing they are sold out.
  • Rakuten has had EU console available for $300, but are now sold out. You can currently still buy from their website from a different seller for $269.99.
  • Urban Outfitters has also carried the NES Classic online for $59.98 but sold out in seconds after they tweeted about its availability.
  • Canadians could try out The Source for a NES Classic priced at $79.99 CAD. They are currently out of stock online but state they are available in-store as well where supplies last.
  • You could also always try eBay, however, like Amazon, the prices are hugely varied. If you check back with the link, though, hopefully, you’ll find a good deal.

If you still hope to find one of these adorable mini-retro machines, make sure to check back with the retailers above frequently.

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