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Dying Light to Receive Full Eye Tracking Support with Tobii EyeX


Dying Light to Receive Full Eye Tracking Support with Tobii EyeX

We’re DYING to try it out.

It looks like Dying Light has a few more tricks up its sleeve. After the release of the parkour-zombie brawler’s big expansion, The Following, developer Techland has been hard at work developing a new way to control the game: eye tracking.

“When we launched The Following and Enhanced Edition back in February, we promised our fans year-long support for the game, also from a technological standpoint. We’ve been closely watching all the latest trends on the market, and today, we can proudly introduce the eye tracking technology to Dying Light,” said technology and research director Pawel Rohleder.

Techland has teamed up with Tobii, manufacturer of most popular eye tracking devices for gaming. Dying Light will fully support Tobii’s EyeX controller (which itself costs about $117) to allow players to simply look at obstacles to climb them. Among the parkour enhancements, eye tracking will also be used to dynamically shift HDR lighting in the game to simulate the darkening effect of focusing your eyes on a brighter area, and vice versa.

You’ll also be able to easily throw weapons at zombies with eye tracked aiming, and aim your flashlight similarly. The last interesting bit is the new Clean UI feature, which will dim all UI elements until the player focuses their eyes on a specific part (like the map).

This isn’t the first time a high-profile game has added support for Tobii’s peripheral. Last year, both Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Tom Clancy’s The Division also received full support for the EyeX.


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