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Digimon World: Next Order Starters


Digimon World: Next Order Starters

Digimon World: Next Order Starters

Like in most games that have you train up monsters to do battle with dastardly foes, Digimon: Next Order has starters. There aren’t just three to choose from though like in a certain other ‘mon game. You have just under a dozen different monsters to choose from right at the beginning, and you’ll get to pick two for your adventure.

You actually choose eggs, but they’ll soon Digivolve as you progress through the storm and defeat enemies during your adventure.

All the Digimon World: Next Order starters available from the jump are:

  • Conomon (white and orange egg)
    Pichimon (light blue egg with clouds)
    Yuramon (striped green egg)
    Botamon (orange egg with yellow polka dots)
    Punimon (light blue egg with dark blue marks)
    Poyomon (dark blue egg with purple wavy strings)
    YukiBotamon (white egg with dark blue scuff marks)
    Pabumon (fuschia egg with dark purple circles)
    Jyarimon (red egg)
    Zerimon (white egg with yellow triangles)

These are very basic forms that are little more than just blobs of adorable digital data, but don’t let that deter you from doing battle. In time they’ll digivolve into powerful creatures to help you fight against anything Digimon: Next Order has to throw at you. And you’ll be able to gain more eggs that you can train up into even more powerful forms.

They are pretty well balanced, too, so don’t stress too much over who to pick, just go with your gut and you’ll be able to really adjust your team later on in the game.

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