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Diablo 3 Q&A Reveals New Details About the Necromancer


Diablo 3 Q&A Reveals New Details About the Necromancer

Scythes are back!

As many fans of the massively popular Diablo franchise may already be aware, Blizzard Entertainment announced the return of the Necromancer class for Diablo 3 back during BlizzCon 2016. And apart from the occasional tidbit of information here and there, no proper details about the class were actually given.

Now, thankfully, the developers have revealed some more information about the class in a Q&A session held early Friday morning. We don’t want you to have to bear through the entire 47 minute video, so here are some highlights (totally go for it though if you want).

To start off, the Necromancer in Diablo 3 uses the Necromancer from the previous game as a “jumping off point”, although the developer made it very clear that the two have absolutely no connection in terms of the series’s lore.

This rendition of the class will also not possess any DoT (Damage over time), or any poison skills, though it will retain the ability to summon around five different types of Golems. Additionally, the Necromancer will also have access to a number of blood skills that require the sacrifice of health alongside the default “Essence” resource, so the class will also possess the ability to regenerate this heath.

Not only can the Necromancer wield any item that is not class specific, it can also wield Scythes to use in a purely melee based build. These items are currently in development by Blizzard and will be available as either one-handed or two-handed weapons. You can also choose to play a build solely focused on using pets, as they will be more controllable when compared to the Witch Doctor’s summons.

As of yet no release date has been announced as to when the Necromancer class will actually be released, though you will require the Reaper of Souls expansion to play.


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